A Family About Sustainability

When Marc and myself started Baam Holdings Ltd. in November 2015 we envisioned a world where businesses replaced their race for profits by a more singular concept; a long-term sustainable customer satisfaction.

I love the idea of sustainable customer satisfaction. These three words used together bring a radical shift in the relation between companies and their customers. Using the word sustainable changes the immediate goal of the company as it bring a crucial time-dependent variable in the equation. It invalidates the benefits of satisfying your customers if their environment is degraded by the same product or service you offer. It invalidates the added margin or reduced cost of offshore workforce if it jeopardize the capacity of a country to thrive. It invalidates everything companies are doing today to increase profits without regards to future generations. There is absolutely no place for consumerism or programmed obsolescence in a sustainable customer satisfaction oriented company as the limited nature of our ressources is taken into account when making decisions related to the company’s products and services.

The concept of sustainable customer satisfaction pushes the enveloppe by forcing companies to think outside the box. The defining sale argument then becomes less about how your product or service improves one’s life but how it improve the life of the collectivity as a whole.

We need to work together and build with future generations in mind, but where do we begin?

We had to start somewhere with this idea and since a lot of our ressources revolved around the textile and entertainment industries, we decided to start here.

What’s interesting about the textile industry is that it’s a very heavy industry in term of environmental footprint. Cotton has seen such a soar in demand that it is now often being exploited in developing countries where work ethic is not the prime concern. Sheeps have been proven to be exploited as well for their wool with horrifying videos surfacing on the web and while synthetic alternatives are often preferred they still remain a doubtful solution for the long term. More appropriate materials exist but are not widely adopted, we want to change that.

Clothing customization technics like screenprinting, digital printing (direct-to-garment) and sublimation often use chemical products and inks that are most of the time far from sustainable. Hence, it represents quite an enormous challenge to create a company that is 100% sustainable across its production chain.

To that end, we came up with two companies : Costees and Nationhats.

Costees is a company that offers ready-made and custom made t-shirts. Its mission really is to create a place for artists and entrepreneurs to get their brand started and to ease the online creation process of custom apparel. Although the company offers other canvas like hoodies, tank-tops and even dresses, the t-shirt really is the specialty product here.

On the other hand, Nationhats specializes in headwear products, offering only hats, caps, beanies and other hatter accessories. Just like Costees, Nationhats wants to create a digital gathering center for artists and entrepreneurs that would like to express themselves on hats instead of t-shirts.

Now if you’re wondering where Embroidery Montreal (Broderie Montréal) comes into play, it’s the manufacturing company that creates all of BaaM Holdings‘ companies sewn products.

While these three companies position Baam Holdings Ltd. on the textile industry as a novel force working toward sustainability, we are still developing ways to source and increase availability of eco-friendly materials.

Alright that’s all for today. Next time, we’ll cover our presence in the entertainment industry and our plans for the future. This is just the beginning of a promising adventure that you are all invited to partake in!

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